Registered Report as a remedy for the reproducibility crisis.

Registered Report as a remedy for the reproducibility crisis.

15 March 2024

Sophia Antipolis - INRAE PACA - A010

As part of the ISA scientific event to be held on Friday, March 15, 2024 at 11:00 am in room A010, Thomas Guillemaud, research director in the BPI team, and co-creator of PCI (, will present:

Abstract :

Experimental research, including biology, is suffering from a major crisis: the reproducibility crisis. Registered Reports are tools that can be used to effectively improve the situation. The presentation will describe this reproducibility crisis, then go on to explain what registered reports are, how they are used and their advantages. Registered Reports are a form of empirical publication, offered by over 350 scientific journals, in which study proposals are peer-reviewed and pre-accepted before research is undertaken. By deciding which articles are published based on the question, theory, and methods (and not on the results), Registered Reports offer a remedy for a range of reporting and publication biases. I will also introduce a relatively new platform for supporting Registered Reports called the Peer Community in Registered Reports (PCI RR).

The seminar can also be followed on zoom :



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