Support team


Support team

The support team provides outreach service to the research teams and technical units of the ISA unit. Made up of 14 people and placed under the responsibility of the administrator.

The mission of the support team focuses on:

  • Executive management 
  • Proximity management of personnel;
  • Financial management: budget, purchases, missions;
  • Logistics;
  • Computer: computers and servers of the unit;
  • Collective information tools;
  • Quality of support processes.

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31 December 2011

Technical Assistant

NUÉE Sylvain

Champ obligatoire

31 December 2016

Research Technician

POTIER Frédéric

Financial and Budget Management
REBUF Christian

31 December 2011

Technical assistant

REBUF Christian

Champ obligatoire

27 April 2022

Assistante Ingénieur


Human Resources Management

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